As Stinky with Lou Costello.
One of comic Joe Besser's most memorable semi-regular roles was 
Stinky, the maleovent brat man child dressed in a Buster Brown outfit who was Lou Costello's playmate, on the first season of The Abbott and Costello Show (1952-1953). 

In all, Besser appeared in 12 of 26 episodes.

The character was inspired by Joe's performance on an episode of the Emmy award-winning one-hour comedy and music variety series, The Alan Young Show, which aired May 16, 1950 on CBS-TV.

In a sketch entitled Kid Scene, Besser and Young played two 4-year-old brats dressed in Buster Brown outfits 

Costello saw the show and was so impressed by Joe's character, he hired him to portray the character on the comedy team's later to be produced series. Hence, Stinky was born!

(A complete listing of Joe's Stinky appearances may be found in his updated and enlarged autobiography, Once a Stooge, Always a Stooge, published by Moonwater Press).