The Joe Besser Film Festival on June 9, 2013
at the Esquire Theater in St. Louis, Mo.
One of the crowning achievements of Joe's legacy was having the honor of unveiling the long overdue star on behalf of him and the other Stooges at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in August of 1983 before 3,000 cheering fans. 

Los Angeles Mayor
Tom Bradley
 congratulates Joe on
his 70th birthday
Although he himself never received a star nor any award for his solo work, for him, it was an experience he never forgot, especially being reunited with comedian Milton Berle whom he worked numerous times on radio and television and who was one of the guest speakers at the ceremony.

He was especially proud of having his autobiography published, to be able to share all of his wonderful anecdotes with his fans.  He was also proud of his work: radio, movies, television, Stinky, Jillson and The Three Stooges, all of which he was most proud of...Ya, c-r-a-a-a-z-y!