As Jillson in The Joey Bishop Show.
Near the end of the first season of The Joey Bishop Show (1961-62), a new character, Jillson, Bishop's next-door neighbor, played by Joe, was introduced in six episodes. His occupation was a mailman.

When the series' format was changed in the second season (1962-63), Joe was cast as a series regular. His character's name still was Jillson or Mr. Jillson, but his occupation was changed to that of a frustrated, henpecked building superintendent. He remained in the series for the next two seasons until its final episode on March 30, 1965 and was a real standout in each episode.

(A complete listing of Joe's Jillson appearances may be found in his updated and enlarged autobiography, Once a Stooge, Always a Stooge, published by Moonwater Press).